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Frightening Great Deals!

Frightening Great Deals!
No tricks! We’re treating you
to the lowest prices of the year!

   Unique Auto Center’s annual
Halloween Sale
October 1st - October 31st 
We need to make room for new inventory 
 which means now is the best time to find the best deal 
at the best price and lowest rates of the year!
Afraid of your past credit history?
with our
 100% secure credit app!
Get financed and get behind the wheel TODAY!

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3.9% APR!

3.99% APR Financing on all 2015 and Newer Models (O.A.C)
Don't miss out on this Great Limited Time Offer!
Rates are on the rise,  Act Now before its too late!
3.99% APR* Financing on all 2015 Models and Newer
72 Month Terms
Extended Warranties on qualified vehicles
Zero Down (O.A.C)

Buy Here Pay Here!

Buy Here Pay Here!

Unique Auto Center is proud to have had its own vehicles driving the streets for 10+ years all over California!

That's right we are the fiance bank! with our in-house financing program buy your car here and pay here every month!

We understand that not everyone has great credit these days with the economy as it is and we are ready to help!

**Call For Details (909) 873-1111** 


Finance Your Down Payment!

Finance Your Down Payment!

That's right here at Unique Auto Center you can Finance your down payment!

We understand that not everyone these days has 2 or 3 thousand to spend at one time.

So with our Finance Your Down Payment Program you can pay some now and some later!

** Call For Details (909) 873-1111**

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